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I'm trying to put together some information to answer common questions I get asked by new collectors. Contact me if you have additional information you think should be on this site. Make sure you check out the links page for local collectors and distributors.

Arcade and Pinball News and Information Sites:

Pinball News

GameRoom Magazine


Local Collector Info (Seattle area):

SMAC (Seattle Metro Arcade Collectors)

Washington Pinball Crazies Group

Local Stuff on eBay:


Other places to find games:

  1. I recommend watching Craigslist (http://seattle.craigslist.org/)
  2. Use other internet resources like the newsgroup rec.games.video.arcade.collecting or auction sites like eBay (better for parts than full games).

Cool Ideas:

Build a MAME cabinet! Or just buy an arcade controller for your PC:

X-Arcade Build Your Own Arcade Kit (Controller board for MAME)